Usaf User Agreement

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Usaf User Agreement

14 Tháng Tư, 2021 Chưa được phân loại 0

Consortium Management Group Inc., Washington, D.C. has secured another $98,567,402 transaction agreement for the development of prototypes for the integrated global positioning/inertial navigation system. This agreement provides for rapid prototyping activity including the development of detailed construction prototypes, production-representative prototypes, unique engineering, contract travel and the development of a technical data set. The work will be completed in Washington, D.C. huntsville, Alabama, and is expected to be completed on March 30, 2023. This award is the result of a competitive acquisition and three offers have been received. Research, development, testing and evaluation funds, valued at $30,000,000, are required at the time of award. The Air Air LifeCycle Management Center, Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, is contract activity (FA8576-20-9-0001). Disclaimer: AcqNotes is not an official website of the Ministry of Defence (DoD), the Air Force, Navy or Army. All information, products, services or hyperlinks contained on this site do not constitute a type of approval by the DoD, the Air Force, the Navy or the Army. No agreement from the Confederation on sponsorships.

The information on this website is exclusively for information and is not intended as a form of guidance or advice and should not be used as a complete final statement on a given issue. Access and use of this information on the website is at the user`s risk. Northrop Grumman Systems Corp. Mission Systems, Rolling Meadows, Illinois, received a delivery contract of up to $19,689,152 (SPRPA1-20-F-KF0F) against a five-year base contract (SPE4A1-16-G-0005) for the Laser Guardian Laser Transmitters subsets, a counter-measures to support the Common Avionics program. This was a single source acquisition using the US 10 explanatory statement. C 2304 (c) (1), as indicated in the Federal Acquisition Regulation 6.302-1. This is a two-year contract with no option delay. The venue for the performance is Illinois, with an August 14, 2022, closing date of the performance. Military intervention is marine. The type of financing is fiscal 2020 to 2022 Marine Work Capital Fund.

The contract activity is defense logistics aviation, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lakota Solutions, LLC, Warner Robins, Georgia, has been awarded a delivery contract for a maximum delivery price of $22,937,145 for fixed price, time and equipment, indeterminate delivery/indeterminate quantity for the maintenance of equipment handling equipment. This was a competitive acquisition with two responses received. This is a five-year contract with no option time. The delivery locations are located in and out of the continental United States, with an August 13, 2025 order deadline. With the customer is used Defense Logistic Agency Distribution. The type of funding is the 2020 to 2025 budget.