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1. Four of these lists shall be classified in all the offices of the Register and shall be identified as Index No I, Index No II, Index No III and Index No IV. I want to learn how to fill out the index form. nondani challan, and the use of documents Are there training facilities? Please inform Hi, your index II is linked to your registered sales contract. The description of the page about the property, such as the year district, name of the village and property number or document number. You can also download it online as follows. \”Log in to www.esearch.igrmaharashtra.gov.in year, district, village name and property number or document number. Get details such as document number, name, date of registration, SRO name, office code, seller name, buyer name, and item description. Note the required document number and get an index II document or copy by clicking the download\ option”. Click “Like” if you are satisfied with the answer. But just look if you can make a photocopy of it. If so, you can make a photocopy of the last two pages of the mentioned document, which contains the photos of the parties and the description of the property.

You can also download from the igr site if it is available for download. At present, the installation is limited to only a few areas. Click Like if you are satisfied with the answer Adv. Suwarna Jadhao Nagpur I buy a flat contract registered at the town hall, but the date of the agreement is empty, as you can update at the town hall please. This request, which is made by the bank before the cheque is withdrawn, can I download this document (Index 2) online, and is it a valid document? When I download, my husband and I inherited undivided shares of a responsible apartment in Pune from my mother, in accordance with her will. We need to prepare Index II. I immediately bequeathed 1/2 part. The Ball. 1/2 an unshared share is abandoned by the only surviving heir, my brother`s son. Sale instrument registered for its share &Indexii for the same 1/2 share already with us. Stamp duty and registration fees are also paid.

Pl. Send me the format of the application letter to submit a) For the transfer of our new names to PMC and b) To request index-II and c) what documents are needed to obtain index II for the inherited part. D) What are the fees and e) full process to get our new names mutated &INDEX-II made for our inherited action 1/2. E) Also indicate who we need to contact with the correct address and contact number. That`s the most. Please guide us, seniors, so that we can apply and transfer our names and get INDEX-II. 1) Index 2 is a summary of all documents registered with the Sub-Registrar. The Registration Act requires the preparation and maintenance of the number of indices that must be held for the preservation of records.. . .