Illumina Service Agreement

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Illumina Service Agreement

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Log in to Illumina Proactive to access this free device performance monitoring and proactive support service. Bronze is our most affordable repair plan that protects against unpredictable costly breakdowns. It has been designed to maintain the power of the device with a limited budget. Personalized services to meet your needs. Find out what the right plan is for you. We offer additional options so you can create a plan tailored to your needs. Choose between additional preventive maintenance, priority response or one of our compliance services (IQ/OQ, OQ or PQ). Dedicated On-Site is our highest service level plan with a full-time field technician engaged on-site and immediate response time. It has been designed to enable the highest productivity, availability and performance for sites equipped with a large fleet of instruments. This plan is best suited for large production labs, with ten or more high-throughput devices per site, which require maximum service and lowest operating costs. b Annual maintenance contracts for the “basic” on-site sequencing service + additional instruments as required. c cost of cBot (required for high-power flow batteries and charging separate libraries on each fast flow cell track; no need to charge a single pool on both fast flow cell channels); $6k service contract added to all HiSeqs.

It must come with a 12-month warranty. What they are trying to sell is a service plan. Buy the service plan, but only after difficult negotiations. Wait until the end of the quarter! It depends on your workload, I think, but the IMO, the guarantee is worth it. We have a high-throughput laboratory and sometimes we have problems with our sequencers. The service contract helps because illumina replaces the reagents and sends a technician if the instrument has problems. Our instruments are older, but it was a gift from heaven that our reagents were quickly exchanged when we have high-priority projects on the line. Table 3 bis.

Costs related to the purchase of instruments, additional equipment costs and contractual service costs for next-generation generic DNA sequencing platforms available in 2016. All costs are the list price in thousands of dollars. * Must enter into a service contract only for spare parts for all devices covered by the dedicated on-site support contract. Our Product Support Services team is comprised of highly qualified field technicians, application technical specialists, field application specialists, systems microproport engineers, bioinformaticians and computer network experts. Our team is fully aware of the intricacies of our systems and offers accurate and functional service and support. Illumina offers a variety of instrument service plans. You can update a plan at any time during your warranty or extend coverage according to your warranty. Many labs appreciate both the extra security and the fast on-site service we offer with no hidden fees or extra fees. Silver is our most popular full-service plan. It has been designed to maximize performance while minimizing downtime and supporting compliance with legislation in routine documented preventive maintenance operations. It is a high-end service plan that aims to reconcile performance, productivity and costs.

This plan is best suited for a wide range of research, translation, and genomics clients, with medium to high sample volume, a small to medium-sized fleet, and high device availability with redundant backup capability. Of course. We had one for.. Three years now? I would say we made a service call every year. .